how drunk do i have to be ?

how drunk do i have to be ?

Really am wondering here how drunk do i have to be to enjoy Mr frank zappa ?

I don’t do drugs don’t get high and just like to drink ,chat and chill the fuck out with mates and folk I can mate friends or at least chat to folk at the bar or a club I enjoy all sorts of music and would rather watch something of interest or educational than the shite that is on normal television that has been dumbed down so much because society cant cope with asking questions or thinking without a retard spewing the ‘normal ‘dogma

I’m sat here tonight with frank zappa playing on youtube and having one or few beers chatting to other folk on my face book group most are lost in the eurovision song thing, I gave up on that a very long time ago as well as game shows 

but please anyone out there please tell me the right amount of booze to drink before putting on Mr frank Zappa again. Listening to the songs rolling by i cant even think what i could use this music for …..walking ,hiking ,tabbing ,working nope cant see it yet 


Really need to start back on here 

Book to enjoy

Book to enjoy

i love using this book as a reference at times  

So ……..

My daughter is now growing up to take after her father meaning she’s being big and bad and happy with it ,I took a wee break from writing on here to sort the home admin out and to catch up with friends i haven’t been able to get out to airsoft for a whiloe but will be going in December as its a work do 

Ive got a project on the go in the shed but I want to keep it to myself for now as its a great but odd winter project and will show it off to all soon enough you all should enjoy it 

I had the chance to take a nephew out to learn some skills and to introduce him to bushcraft we covered the broad skills knife handling, tracking , using an axe ,fire and so forth . Was also ment to go on a survival weekend but that fell through because a few got scared off with the slight breeze we had 

more to follow 

A few photos




Help a sister out

Help a sister out


if any of you out there could help a family out give these folk ago


The plan is to send this young Scottish girl to Canada to sing for her country I try to keep out of the charity events as I’ve been burned in the past with stuff but I can put my hand out and say these folk  are gen people and I can chat to them any time I want to 

the Family’s son Ray does para bracelets and other para products and he doesn’t import them like so many other companies does .The cub will sit down and make them spending a good few hours to pop one out  at a time 
The links I have put up here can say a hell of a lot more than I could write down or try and to express on here at the moment