how drunk do i have to be ?

Really am wondering here how drunk do i have to be to enjoy Mr frank zappa ?

I don’t do drugs don’t get high and just like to drink ,chat and chill the fuck out with mates and folk I can mate friends or at least chat to folk at the bar or a club I enjoy all sorts of music and would rather watch something of interest or educational than the shite that is on normal television that has been dumbed down so much because society cant cope with asking questions or thinking without a retard spewing the ‘normal ‘dogma

I’m sat here tonight with frank zappa playing on youtube and having one or few beers chatting to other folk on my face book group most are lost in the eurovision song thing, I gave up on that a very long time ago as well as game shows 

but please anyone out there please tell me the right amount of booze to drink before putting on Mr frank Zappa again. Listening to the songs rolling by i cant even think what i could use this music for …..walking ,hiking ,tabbing ,working nope cant see it yet