A while ago I was given an Agrip by brooks tactical system and I got a great chance to use it  to put it on is easy as hell and to use it was brilliant  but that’s not what made it brilliant, HAND FATIGUE when I go into a fire fight I tend to grip the pistol grip a bit harder as the adrenalin is pumping through the body  and squeeze a little bit harder waiting for the recoil that never comes with an airsoft weapon but the habit is still the same , with the Agrip I found the hand fatigue to be less if not at all at points through out the game .Now you could say it was down to a bad firing posture but I’ve used and carried weapons all my life and know the difference between a bad hold and a good hold on a weapon platform having someone scream at your face till you get it right is a bit of a motivator in doing so 


When my hands got hot and sweaty it was still the same grip and texture and just as fresh as the morning when I started the games .I did show it around a few folk and the couldn’t believe the ease and comfort that it gave no hard plastic but a smooth suede feel no deep ridges to hide the mud and dirt in as they are all covered which makes cleaning the weapon platform a bit quicker as its not covered in crap .The one part I did wonder about was the over lap from the grip if it would peel or roll up and get in the way but the Agrip glue held and pulled it in if you know what I mean it ,it sort of shrank to the grip size so the flap edge was sunk in and give you nothing to catch on 

Now when I mentioned to a few folk about the Agrip it was dismissed as a flash in the pan idea well I can say its not .The other point that was brought up was why not use use an inner tube from a bicycle tire or grip tape well that would mean removing the Agrip and I couldn’t do that so the better option was to get another MP5 I managed to pick one up for cheap it was an MP5K I added a few extras onto the wee K to bring it up to standard ,I added a Butt stock from a HK416 and a riz hand guard to add to the platform and tested it with the two substitutes .I know what one I do like the inner tube had the rubber feel to it and did grip my glove good but it started to roll down after a while during swap over drills from pistol to primary and back again .The grip tape went on easy enough but had the sand paper feel to it an when your hand starts to sweat it would start to leave marks on your hand after a period of time 

With the Agrip I didn’t have any of them problems at all it stayed on and didn’t roll or leave your hand a bit sore from rubbing ,no hand fatigue as I didn’t feel the need to squeeze as much I knew the MP5 was there and secured into my grip  even running into a fire fight I was happy to know I could bring the airsoft gun up and on target when I engaged fire 

All in all I’ll be getting a few more of these for a few other airsoft weapons I have knocking around and if Brooks doesn’t have the weapon type I’m sure the extra grip pads will mould on great and it wouldn’t be too hard to make a template up .The Agrips system could be used for knives and axes very easy as the amount of hand contact in use and dexterity involved. If I find a knife that I know I could use every day I’ll be putting it onto them without a doubt but so far I’m onto my third knife test to find a great one