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Help a sister out

Help a sister out


if any of you out there could help a family out give these folk ago


The plan is to send this young Scottish girl to Canada to sing for her country I try to keep out of the charity events as I’ve been burned in the past with stuff but I can put my hand out and say these folk  are gen people and I can chat to them any time I want to 

the Family’s son Ray does para bracelets and other para products and he doesn’t import them like so many other companies does .The cub will sit down and make them spending a good few hours to pop one out  at a time 
The links I have put up here can say a hell of a lot more than I could write down or try and to express on here at the moment  


What is prepping

I’m a prepper ………….yes I am !

So what is this thing I do ? well I’m not to sure how to put it if I am honest the media says I’m a nut a crazy person . They might be right I’m not sure but what I do know is this .A wee while ago I worked for a company and I did my job to the best of my ability in that time .The person who employed me thought I was there for the good of my health  and didn’t keep to his side of the deal namely pay me my wages when they were due .This left myself and my family screwed over the Christmas time I asked a few time even for a sub but he gave me the hard up story or the i forgot my wallet type it even got to the point where I was looking for union help but they failed in they’re duties as well

I was slightly pissed off as you can imagine and from that time onwards I have been a prepper .This means I have food ,water and supplies in my home when I need them the most I look out for the folk around me and help others in my community when they need it the most as I know in the long run it will pay off not in money but in other ways if I ever need a hand with something I know someone will be able to help me and my family but here’s hoping  i never will

The prepper community  is wide and full of folk who prepare for problem that maybe around the corner some of these thing are real problems that can and will happen to the average person others are very much down the scale of life losing a job is high on the list with the way the country is being ran the markets are due for a false boom this is something that I am worried about as my main job is connected in this manor .I am working on something that will improve my lot in life and hope it pans out
My advice for folks it to look at what is the biggest problem you could face in the next ten weeks of your life  and start to work out what your needs are ,your home food for the family medical supplies and so forth

Its not just about the zombies knocking on the door or the big EMP strike we all dread its about the small thing in life that matter the most to you and your family and from there you can slowly start to build up to bigger things making decisions on the information at hand

Just start with food first it is one of the biggest hurdles to get around and organise .Work out how much you are going to need and for how long can you start to grow stuff in your garden if so, when do you start. Where does the best deals on stuff and questions like this .Water is the easiest one to do I had to check this over and over again and again to make sure it was right but it pans out The empty juice and soda bottles washed out and filled to the top can be stored away very quickly after a few weeks they just gather up to no end you’ll have enough water to run daily life. remember a little goes a long way  Security is another matter but its of a personal nature and can be or rather should be done in a one to on bases as everyone’s needs are different  depending on where you are

Have fun and get stuck in ,it might make a difference in your life or someone else’s

Only in our dreams are we free. The rest of the time we need wages.
Terry Pratchett