Today I found out why the army thought it was a great idea to train me on assault courses and it’s practical use in life ,I have never seen a 12ft wall with a rope on it I had to climb, never seen a set of monkey bars all nice and smooth to swing across .I did once have to cross a river on a tight line but that wasn’t covered in the assault course .The old school of PT was to have some small brain muscle bound freak chasing you around a 6 mile route shouting like a woman to move yer arse and at a time this is a good method of fitness being as you have no way to complain or do anything after as they beat you into the ground till your nothing more than a puddle of green weighted down by webbing and bergan .So how does this relate to me in my second life I have a sprog or a child if you will and Baby Kilt is roughly 16 months old which means in baby terms coming close to the terrible two’s yep she is into everything .

How does this relate well I was at the local jungle gym and to anyone who hasn’t been there with kids its a mecca for hyper kids to run around in a safe place and because I’m a bit of a protective father i have to go with her to make sure she is safe at all times its a fathers job and by the looks of today I wasn’t alone by the amount of other fathers who were doing the same thing …………..or we are all big kids and want to play on the gym as well ,anyone asks it the first one Ok  yep we had a great time and afterwards I felt like  had moved my ass through the gates of hell but loved every minute of it

The hard bit >>>

And how does this come under old school fitness ,well the first part doesn’t but it was great craic to do and an enjoyable morning from rope bridges to slides ,coming home I knew I had to take the dog out for a walk and he needed a good one so I picked up my webbing set and grabbed his lead an took him out for a TAB or what use to be called a tactical advance to battle.they have now changed the name of it to something trendy and media happy  It was fun to go out an do it without having a platoon running with you or being made to run up the hills with all your gear on no more wearing helmets or carrying a rifle (that bit I do miss) .all I had was myself my bush buddy my webbing set and a route to follow at my own fast pace using the long lane as a warm up we set off happy bush buddy sniffing and getting rid of his last meal through his bowel and not forgetting to cock ones leg on places where other dogs could of pissed I myself was stretching off my legs and getting ready for a bit off a run WALKING up the hill parts but at a strong pace I was passed by a runner who gave me an odd look because of the webbing set I was wearing but I just put my head down and kept going lead in hand and keeping to my pace

So following the trail we pushed on and did run up a few humps and I must admit I did have fun doing it so did the dog off and round up and down we got to the highest part after that it was all down hill we passed the runner again on his way down who was surprised to see me running up the humps dragging the dog happily along. The Old way of doing it was to run 200 meters for every 500 meters of walking and I kept to that .mostly plus we ran all the way down the hill to the start of the trail as for the time or distance we covered well your more than welcome to ask the dog as I’m slightly embarrassed at how I’ve let my fitness levels fall to such a low stage at this point of my life

The plan

My plan for the summer is to do this once a week between children ,dogs ,wife and work i should be able to keep to the plan and slowly get back my fitness I could go off half cocked but last time I did this I ended up getting injured and being put out of action is not on my cards at any level For strength training I do that at work as I have to life heavy items there for roughly 11 hours a day that does have the effect of improving what you have if you want an easy day does that for a man .So here’s to improving and getting better for life of children dogs and a wife who likes to throw all sorts at me hopefully more jungle gym time

cheers for now