It seems to be a fad to throw up photos of your bush crafting gear so here is my set up –

I’m using a system were my EDC rolls into my bush gear and my bush gear will roll into my long distance bergan  by pulling off the back pouch and slipping on my large daysack for extra gear needed Image

Why yes ,yes I am using a PLCE webbing set up (Personal Load Carrying Equipment ) and the reason that I am using the old gear, it works well with my body movement when I am being dragged up and through the woods chasing deer or whatever my bush buddy has his nose too and that could be up steep banks or thick bushes .I picked the webbing set as I have odd and fond memories of using it so I know the track record and problems that it can have from rubbing to nipping to sagging .I have the gear set up in a “south African” configuration .That is to say the rocket pouch in the middle is fixed to the yolk of the webbing set and keeps the centre of gravity close to the core meaning my balance wont be unaffected  by much 

As for the stuff that I use this is my basic set up .The bayonet was placed on there to make space for a SoG Tomahawk that will be with me in a few weeks and the other bit of gear that wasn’t in the photo because it would cause a barking fit and a mental 5 minutes with AK is his two dog leads I use a 17 foot search lead that can be clipped onto me gear or belt to keep him stood by so I can work were I need to knowing he won’t go playing with the deer without me and the damn mutt has done that a few times when he was a pup 


So the break down of the contents 

This is it mostly stripped down to the bones ,the first aid kit is tightly packed into a small area as is the rest of the gear I am working on the notion of less is more and I’ve seen to many folk get large bergans and fill to the top with stuff they don’t need ( one person I know goes for a 4 stone weight carry with his set up ) .The old adage is you’ll fill what you have all the kit I have here would go into a medium day sack with room to spare 

the long middle jet or rocket pouch has my sleeping bag ,basha ,and bivi bag ready to be pulled out of in order of use when I set up camp .After that working left to right along the belt ,I have an empty pouch for my coffee mug and spoon (not in photo but being washed ),gardening secateurs,3 snaplights for camp,lighter ,bayonet to be removed for the tomahawk ,air rifle ammo ,para cord ,the ever useful bungee cords (including one on the webbing ) ,a folding saw ,one tin of spread for rations ,one candle biscuit browns and fruit for the lunch time snack with my coffee , a small gas burner and 4 hour gas bottle (handy if I cant get a fire going ) tooth brush and tooth paste , ass wipes or toilet roll take yer pick ,first aid kit ,3 CO2 12g capsules for my air rifle and a smoke grenade for safety and marking One of the pouches not mentioned contains a full 24hour ration pack and my mess tin for cooking with .If i come across a proper metal mug I’ll swap them over 

The first aid kit is an important factor for anyone going out and about in the wild you are roughly about 3 hours away from the start of a rescue so I’ve kept it simple and compact but covering most of my bases Natural rubber gloves ,condoms ,tampons ,eye wash,pain pills , an Israeli bandage and a British field dressing and  a CPR mask .The first aid pack is also to be used for the dog as well as myself but I hope never have to use it in an emergency ,but who would ?

I’ve left water out as I have a bladder that myself and AK can drink from it goes under the the rocket pouch 

hope this is interesting and helpful to all who read it