A wee while ago Brooks and I were chatting on line about what I should do next for my blog entry on here with the usual things that came up and a few that never crossed my mind or some I’ve no knowledge about yet 

Brooks said “why not do one on my product ” this threw me slightly as I knew he worked at a company just didn’t know he owns the company . So to google I looked and came across Agrip a rubber type cover to put on your pistol grip to help you ,well keep hold of your pistol or firearm in all weathers 

Being in the UK the gun laws favour the criminals as in they still get the guns anyway or the ones who jump through near impossible rules and regs .Me I stick to airsoft now its enough to keep my skill base sharp and a way for myself to deal with PTSD 

SO Brooks sent me in the post a set of his product and after I looked at them I was surprised to the feel of them its like suede leather but of rubber ??? I think ? Placing these on an airsoft MP5 I knew from dealing with the real steel ones it might not fit as good but I was wrong they went on so easy it was done in 5 min with out a problem


The kit I got in the mail it was for an MP5 pistol grip


A quick clean on the pistol grip with  the wipes to make sure it was clean and free from the normal grease and mud I often find myself in with my gear 


 After placing it on the back of the grip the rest just followed into place with no problems I had to peel it back a few times to line it up but it was simple to do Image

About 5 min later in my livingroom watching sons of Anarchy job done .You just cant ask for it to be any easier than that 

go have a look through his website and read the comments left by his past customers .The one that stands out for me was the guy who had his hand saved by the grip as it kept together the Glock after it blew apart because of a double load 

I know with an airsoft gun i’ll never have to worry about that type of thing but it shows the quality of the product .Now the fun bit of testing this ,I have a 3 day game coming up in may and will be taking my now Agrip mp5 to put it through its paces and being the type of man I am I will run that thing raw like a day one week one recruit going through basic training