I’m 34 years old or there about’s .I have in the past broke my arm ,popped out both shoulders ,have problems with my knees and feet and cant shite like I use to .My eye sight is getting weak and fitness levels are at an all time low and problems with my hips plus I’m at last check in with the doctors about 14 st 7 lb (92 kg or 203 lb )

These have happened over a half full life doing things normal people would never thing of doing  much less attempt from sliding or falling depending on what way you look at it down Slieve Donard mountain in the Mourne Mountains it wasn’t a high light of my day but not the worse day of life so far ,broke my arm out drinking with some buddies and had the great idea to leap frog over the bollards and slipped off the forth one onto my face .The face was fine but some how broke my arm 

Pulled one arm out of the shoulder after falling out of a moving car next time must remember to let go. The other when I was instructing a canoe lesson and popped it in a weir when I was surfing the wave Got stabbed defending colleagues in a riot by a wee shite ,had  chest pains that the medics say is my heart or lungs rubbing on my rib cage  another new one on me who knew ????

I’ve had dog bites on my arms and legs from enemy attack dog and yes terrorist are clever enough to use them as well .This is just a quick summery of my injuries you don’t want to know about the head ones .As glorious as the list is and the stories that the relate to in my life its a bit of a bugger in later life when I’m stiff and sore  most mornings when I have to get up in the morning for work 

So how the hell to fix this problem ???????

I’m changing the way that I eat my food for a start I picked up a habit a long time ago and that is to eat as fast as I can when I can .I call it a survival mechanism from hard days and long night i have been known to go through meals at lighting speed or to eat an unbelievable amount of food so to fix this I have to try and slow my eating down and to remind myself that I might just be thirsty and not hungry as my body has been programmed to say through bad habits .I’ve also lost the habit to drink more water some where along the lines (at one point I was living on cups of tea and half a meal a day whilst smoking about 40 cigarettes a day )

So if I can sort my eating out what’s next on the list I’d say it would have to be my flexibly as that is shocking as well and the only way I know on that one is to try and remember to stretch first at some point during the day I cant really do it in the morning as I’m working from 0600hrs  through to 1800 hrs  so it will have to be at some point .AK will help with the fitness on the grounds of the dog has his way of making sure I take him for a good walk every evening so here’s to my battle buddy 


I have two sleep states ,one I’m awake when I should be in bed sleeping and if I am in bed I could be awake till all hours  .Two when I do sleep I’m dead to the world I mean flat out cold this is because I know I am in a safe place and don’t have to worry what’s on the other side of the door If anyone knows of a drug free way to fix this so I can get this sorted and back to a normalish life I  would be very grateful to you Its about 0330 hrs as I’m writing this the dog is asleep on top of the sofa Mrs Kilt has been in bed from 2200hrs and child Kilt has been sleeping from 2000hrs so it kind of puts things into perspective for you 

Good morning /good night from here