ktst 2rgI got a message from my mate to see if I was free for airsoft on Saturday ,I wasn’t working and Mrs Kilt hadn’t booked me for anything so it was an operational go YAY! I had a need that needed to be filled and an itch (bad week at work ) Gear packed ,batteries charged kilt on and war face ready .We set off to hunt down this site called Stormforce ,off towards Cannock chase and then down a few wee country lanes. The site itself is a hidden secret in the area and does take a bit to find where it is just glad we had a satnav to get to the site, the big clue that we were in the right spot was the cars parked in a field being use to this from a few sites back home we had arrived and ready to great the chilly day head on and at points it was damn cold .

Walking through the gates I got a few perplexing looks quite normal when you turn up to a shoot wearing a kilt but what a welcome we received welcoming and open (still perplexed ” is he wearing a skirt or a kilt ?” “he’s not going to play wearing that ?” ) .The young lass who was in a field kitchen was doing the admin side and bad as it is I’ve forgotten her name (sorry!) we paid our green fees and signed our life away for the afternoon with the insurance waivers meaning if we fucked up it was our own damn fault ! and its the way it should be .We know the game and the risks involved with our sport As we walked around the corner I was astounded by the shelters that was there high sides and a tarp roof with good-sized tables to sort our guns out and even more tables in the middle for the over flow .Being slightly sneaky myself and my buddy used the open side of one of the shelters so we could watch and observed the safe zone we even had a tarp roof to cover us bothAt a good few site I’ve been to safe zone are often overlooked for what ever reason .

My first stop was to find a brew kit to warm me up a bit and to scope it out a little more, that would mean being a nosey shite bag the banter was of a good nature from all the players some were lost in the rituals of loading up and putting on the gear others were chatting about their interest or more importantly AIRSOFT Clipping my M60 to my vest I went to get it chrono’ed the look of awe and fear on the face of the young guns was a giggle to myself and often appeals to my wrapped humour .I placed it on the gun stop to warm it up by firing off a few hundred rounds of ammo through it .Right my turn on the yes no machine to prove that my gun it safe to use on the site ,press trigger and nothing the power was going to the gear box and the mag box but nothing was happening .I was told to got and speak to ROB he was Stormforce gun monkey  they even had a cage for him .I went and stuck my head in and asked if he could take a look at it ,with a grumble that all gun monkeys make he said he would but make no promises to repairing it .Happy days ! I picked up my MP5 and got it ready for battle I’ve learnt in the past to always have a spare TWO IS ONE ,ONE IS NONE  words to live by in the airsoft world and life in general .

We assembled at the muster point for a game and safety brief it was well presented in a military style (you shut up the staff brief ) today we were doing the Falklands war .With a quick split down the middle the teams were sorted and the armbands issued  10 players was picked to be part of the special forces 5 for the British and 5 for the Argentinians I was picked for the enemy or rather the Argentinians I did wonder if this ment I had to stand around pose ,wear sunglasses and smoke 3 packs of cigarettes So off we popped to be lead down to the start of the game the brief for my team was to make our way to the British side to create confusion for the main attack force , we were taken to the area by a mad Slovak and I do hope I have that right This man moved light grease lighting and took off at great speed up and down ridge lines ,through bushes and over the mud I did manage in a fashion to keep up with the lad just about not bad for a man wearing full body armour and desert boots .The plan was simple to go to the high ridge line and shoot down  and the rest of us were to fire from the bottom of the ridge at the rear of the British camp all well and good we had only one problem the only man who knew where anything was ,was running like a loon and left us with a rough notion where the enemy camp was ………….. Off the three went through some of the thickest bushes and sliding down banks to find some one to shoot and we came across a few board looking bodies

The point man ended up getting shot first and the number two got the lad that did that an I got another that was well hid in the bush line YAY GO US!!! so we cleared the area in a good tactical fashion and went to move off  to hunt more down moving on another 100 meters or so we came across some more who were ready for a fight and they hit us hard I got shot in the face with a round and ended up with a cut lip using the language of my people I made sure the lad knew he had hit me (fucking bastard shite box you got my in the fucking face ya tit ! ) the marshal who was around shouted over to mind my language after getting medic’ed into the game again we found out the enemy we had attacked was our own bloody side DAMN FUCK again After a good few hours of running battles we came to the last battle of the morning myself and the mad Slovak had a great idea we went for a death run or a Russian attack  .Yep we ran for it spraying and praying as we went down a path not once but twice just for the craic of it  as the staff laughed at this vain attempt in the final moments of battle we failed but failed with style and that is the important part of our game

Stopping for lunch which was a fresh cooked burger and a brew I got a chance to find out what was up with Mr M60 .Reporting to Rob he told me the spring had snapped and had replaced it with a second hand one he had knocking around That mans service was brilliant and a big thank you to him for the speedy repair the man is a legend in his own right An hour for lunch and back to war we went with Mr M60 this time to rain the pain and rain we did at one point I was on a high ridge firing into the camp and getting hits left right and centre as I was having this fun the rest of the team had buggered off some would of called that move covering the retreat I called it damn sneaky the enemy sent a man up to flush me out He got on to my left flank and shot me in the throat the shite bag, it was a stealthy kill and well deserved on his part  .With battle ranging on into the late afternoon we stopped war and headed back to the safe zone


This is a good site and newish to the airsoft world with good staff and a friendly atmosphere from all that was there you couldn’t go wrong its a very family orientated site with a range for target shooting  reaching out to 200ft at the side .The field kitchen doubles as the admin and shop the ammo ,grenades and smoke are dirt cheap(£7 for a large zero one bag ) plus its not any of the cheap shit that’s knocking around the gear is of high quality and won’t bugger up your guns .The hire kits are M4’s and the head marshal carries one around with him for the rare case that the hire gun has a problem meaning if your doing a hire package and the M4 does stop for any reason you would only be out of the fight for no more than a few  minutes  maximum Stormforce have plans to start doing weekenders and to grow into a worthy airsoft site on par with some of the top fellas in the game .This place was built for players by players.They are strict when needed which is not often with the level of play on offer .At the time of writing I don,t think storm force has a home team yet but things are looking up and might change