Well I’ve had a rough few days or so >>>>>

My wife ,child and I were in a car crash a wee while back .The arse in front decided that it was a great idea to stop at a junction that was clear to go and we were slowing down so it was a small bump his car was all fine ours on the other hand was a right off and after everybody gets they’re cut we were gave from the insurance company £180 in total as  I was trying to deal with the situation in hand not one but three car drivers pulled over and told us it was a scam that was done often in that area

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The bank screwed up the mortgage payment with the other household bills and we ended up skint ,flat ass broke to pay the mortgage payment off in one go as well as a tax bill we did have food in the house and had enough to get by with .I’m so glad at the start of the year I started a food store ,every time we go shopping I throw in a few extra cans or something in to the weekly shop  and slowly building it up it has all sorts in there at the moment so i had better get it put into a better order its got roughly about 1 week of food at the moment and my plan is to build it up to 3 months worth of food .In the day and age where if we want something to eat we can get it easily enough without to much hassle . Bosnians had to starve for days  till the U.N and I.F.O.R. got there to help and give aid back in the late nineties  there was some sites there I never want to see again ever

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Went up to the woods last week to work on my hide area and got lost ,i wrote it up for you all to read plus I lost my phone .Well it turns up i brought a friend home with me called  Lyme Disease a lovely little fellow to bring back with you after a day in the woods at first i thought it was just a bite mark and at some point during the night I must of scratched it and it opened up at about 0230 hrs or there abouts I got a hot burning pain around the area bugger ! at first look it came across as cellulitis but the rash had stopped. I had put it down to me taking antibiotics I had in the house but thought it was best to see a doctor just to be clear ( or truthfully I was bullied into it by the wife )  It was him that told me the joy the woods full of deer and ticks had brought me ,so now I’m on DOXYCLINE for 14 days . The doctor last seen a case of it a few years ago in Southampton he had to go and look up what the hell to give me  and took a photo of it for his facebook or medical records who knows ? I am now in self imposed exile from the woods till its healed up a bit more

And today >>>>>>>>>

I had the nephew around here today he likes coming over to hang out and learn new skill sets I have him working in my shed we are cleaning up a few horse shoes and he has cleaned and painted his own one to hang in his room .If the irish are lucky and horse shoes are lucky image how lucky an irish horse shoe would be .The other thing he is making is a steam punk shotgun/blaster its a way to get him use to using hand tools and to do a fun project .Seeing as I had an extra pair of hand today we both went out to the tree that is blocking and trapping the phone wires in the area .My wife says her father is coming at some point with a cheery picker to help chop the branches down we’ve done the best we can at the moment the branches on one side have been hacked down and its the other side that causing some trouble to get to so every so often when I have a willing idiot to help me I climb up the tree and try to take the branches down that I can reach or are safe to do so ,all going well today I popped up easy enough cut some down and had a visitor arrive oddly enough who didn’t notice me up a half bare tree in winter I slowly came down the tree to met the guest all was going well till i got to the fence post ….so I step on to it as normal and went to jump down when I slipped I was glad i was holding onto the tree at the time (maybe were I went wrong ?) left foot went forward right foot went through the fence top and left shoulder popped out again .SO throwing my arm across my chest till it sorted itself out and hobbling in to the house I warned the guys not to tell the wife what had happened .Now a few hours later the bone on my leg has a dent in it BUGGER! all going well its a bruise and not a chipped bone or a non displaced fracture an I’ve had one of them before in the pass

So in conclusion its been a bit of a shitty time so far ,I WEAR A KILT THERE FORE I AM  !