Well my day started good ,woke up(always a bonus) and got my bag ready to go and spent some time in the woods with AK  .I packed my sleeping bag ,axe ,folding saw ,gas, brew kit mess tin ,water bladder ,bayonet and camera  .My first aid kit is permanently on my bag and my EDC as normal (lighter ,torch , multi tool and  phone)  so suited and booted we set off the weather was not to cold and a light dusting of snow coming down but had the look of stopping by the way the clouds were looking  

Off we pop a man and his dog in the woods to go to our hide that we are building up on the deer fields ,its a section that the deer like to hang out and relax as deer do chat ,smoke, talk with others about vegan issues bringing up the young in this day and age or did you see what so and so wrote on facebook last night .We got to the first marker point and the snow increased it was coming down heavy .i was later to find out it was a mini blizzard because of the hill in the area I dug into my bag to pull out a pair of eye protection so I could at last see without being blinded by the snow blowing into my face and eyes Ak was keeping his head down and leading on as normal at a few points he had to turn around till the swell pasted over us but we tramped on to our problems that was still waiting for us to walk into 

After walking for about an hour I couldn’t see the marks I left to guild us to the hide but new the area to go to the deer fields off we continued as we were walking through the area and past ony 2 of my legends i use to navigate with . With the wind ,snow and the landscape changing every 5 min we kept at it till I seen a legend that ment we were in the wrong area so we thought  .I found a holly bush to climb under that gave us shade and some cover with the weather not doing what it should of I cracked open the coffee and a kit kat plus a dog treat for AK .That dog earned it so far and more was to come ,so coffee a fag (electric) and sugar ingested the next natural step was to have a shit in the woods .now AK has never seen me shit in the woods and this brought much puzzlement and confused looks so grabbing my “tactical bog roll ” and dropping my trousers to my ankles i squat down and watched AK stretch and bark at me for doing something strange that he’s not seen before so after wiping up and picking up a good healthy turd not to hard an not to soft it was placed into a dog poo bag (irony anyone ?) i decided to head back home as it was a bloody nightmare to get to our hide 

As we turned from the holly bush we aimed up hill to find a main path to follow out by reckoning it should take us about 45 min to get to the path then home as we turned past a large tree i started to see the legends I had picked out to the hide YYYAAAYYYYY !!!!!!!!!! On tract and getting to the area i wasn’t a 100% sure where it was odd sounding but it makes sense to me   I slowly checked the ridge lines for  where the camp was being built .Damn hides bloody hard to see at times.The first few were a bust till i stumbled across it I dropped my pack and marked the area from the other end so i will be able to find it from the other direction a bit easier 

We set about with the folding saw to cut the tree we had chopped down on a previous trip here  to get it to size across our hide area .The idea is to roof off a dug out and be able to watch the local wild life where I’ve placed it I have a badger sett the local deer and a few other things in the area that I will  be able to watch and take photos without spooking them too much . So far so good and easy drills all round the dog was happy enough watching my back as I worked. Having a dog there is a force multiplier in a number of ways .when working with dogs you keep one eye on the job and another on your dog if he acts out of sorts or starts in his warning tone you know to stand to and wait out for the threat or whatever comes up every dog has they’re own tell 

So lifting heavy branches up and dragging them to the hide we now have the start of a roof .The dug out has enough room to sleep in and squat to observe the surrounding grounds plus where we can stow the gear we bring with us it works out to be enough room for me and AK to be comfy at night (we hope ) its not near any water as this would bring on insect problems in the summer no one wants to be lunch for a few hundred bugs when looking through optics .I stopped for 5 min to take a breather after moving another log and checked my phone 

So I got back to work a bit more when AK’s tells were on the go by looking at him it was time to get ready to move out so i grabbed my daysack after 5 min of looking for it ,it was hidden by the fallen snow I’m glad I waterproofed the contents .One of the plans when i was out was to do a show and tell with the gear I had on me at the time but the weather changed all that  so I couldn’t take any photos going a quick check list daysack and tools I grabbed my camera to take a few shots and then slipped it back into the bag .We left camp and got onto a trail to lead us out about 25 min  the dog pricked up and gave the tell that deer was close by .We dropped down to the ground level and watched them strut about till they caught our sent i went to grab my phone to take a snap it was then I discovered I’ve lost my feckin phone ,well there is no point starting to cry over it so off we tabbed 

Back home I admined  my gear and reported my phone lost to the phone company told my wife about our time out an she laughed about me having a shite in the woods with AK and his perplexed look .As I’m writing this up for here I looked outside to see that its raining so the snow is gone and my old phone is well and truly buggered unless the ferries have picked it up and calling the leprechauns  this is all for now when i get a chance I’ll put up what photos i have on the camera for you to enjoy 

cheers from AK and the Evil kilt