With the snow fall in the country being lovely to look at and enjoy with sleighing down big hills ,glowing cheeks and lovely time for most 

I was out with my dog in our local wood taking it easy as we bimbled through as we do .looking around we seen a lot of tracks was quite surprising to look at >deer,dogs,humans ,fox, numerous birds a few squirrels and rabbits or hares .Following a set of tracks that were about 2 hours or so old .The set we were following were of human in nature who had a dog with them and were parallel  to some deer tracks I’m not sure who was following who but the way it looked on the ground was us following the human following the deer 

Plodding along the forest keeping an eye on the tracks we came across fallen tree blocking the route the trail we had been following went around the blockage as you would expect .Looking at the fallen tree it wouldn’t of taken someone 20 min to clear it of the path 

Breaking the tree down i moved the dead branches first then the twigs an such and got to the main branches most were rotting an easy to break off with a bit of help from AK’s lead to give me the leverage needed for them to naturally break ,with a few of the still living ones i had to use my knife to get them broke down and remove them to the side 20 min later the route was open access for all who use the path 

As we went around a few twist and turns I noticed the deer had pulled off and had went a direction I had never been before in the woods ,feeling adventurous I pulled AK off on to the trail and showed him it so he could get a sent from it .When he gets onto a trail the only thing to do will be to hold on tight to the lead and look out for low branches 

we ended up going down a nice gully and by the looks of things the only human to walk that way for some time I ended up getting dragged /scrambling up the steep side of the gully wall to see a doe looking more surprised than me or the dog   .Damn them things can run fast and trying to hold on to a very happy an pleased for himself boxer 

i settled him down to a fashion and we had the interesting problem of finding our bearing and getting to the main path so we could have a nice brew and a warm up .We found our path again and took a slow walk back avoiding slipping on some of the ice that had built up passing a few sheep on the way home 

speak /chat later