I was looking for a 3 inch knife and after looking through countless websites most of them came up under the category of shite ,over priced ,or way off target for my needs 

I wanted a good utility knive that could cope with rough jobs or defence work if i was jumped when out with my dog ,the local area can get bad but try telling that to a happy go lucky boxer with boundless energy 

the challenge was set to me by a friend on facebook he said “A real man would make his own knife ” and by rights he was right . I’ve use spring leaf steel to make the knife and have spent many hours cutting it out with grinders ,files and sand paper to get the shape 

i started by marking out on some card board the shape then glued it on to my leaf spring ,was simple enough to do Image

the next step i had to do was to start and shape it to the template i drew out  ,with a small 4 inch diameter grinder i set too an got it done 

not much to say about the grinding it was easy enough to do just took a few hours Image

the design was based on the L85 bayonet with the cut of the steel >This makes for a great cutting surface and makes it a nice tool to use for them little jobs that pop up throughout the day  that we all come across, after many hours of filing and sanding I managed to get it to a nice  Image

clean sheen to it so the the grips .Ive picked up and am using horse stable mat as this suits the form and function of the blade 

all going well it shall be finished in a few weeks and then the wonderful job of finding it a sheath What I’ve found so far is its the perfect size as it it to slip in my wallet with an insert to stop it from braking though the lining of the wallet 

When I’ve finally done with it and it is finished I’ll post up the photo for all to see