Training ,why would ya bother eh?

To mant times ive came across people who have gone on the internet and got stuff that they’ve no idea how to use .Ive seen idiots ordering cool looking medical supplies an not know how it works .This is not limited to homes at a place i use to work they had a defib machine i craiced a joke about it at the time but was stunned with the reply “Oh the first aider who is trained on that is off for 2 weeks ”
The place has never heard the phrase one is none and two is one this motto should be engraved on all of us imagine the problems it could solve if it was used every day
ran out of sugar got get another one from the store and write it down on the shopping list
Training for problems reduces the panic stage playing what if only gets you so far .Go test the gear or training in a controlled environment

i’ll write more on this later