Where to carry your knife/knives ?
with the way the UK law is at the moment yer all FUCKED!!!!! that’s the legal side covered ,Now the rest of the item

So just about every day i carry a few knives on me .My EDC i carry a Gerber multi-tool on my belt with my torch,lighter and black pen .When i walk the dog his Lead has a karabiner with a saw blade and a knife blade hid in the metal of the clip and my Morakniv that has become my general work knife as

The Gerber is a great bit of kit for general usage (Pliers,file, scissors flat edge and Phillips head screwdrivers the normal thing found one one ) we all know the type well enough not to bore the crap out of you all

The dog Karabiner is because i walk and start to work AK on a 15 foot lead and we will be moving up to a 30 ft search lead when he starts to get the Human search training in a bit more detail (hard time trying to find victims ) its there for cutting the dog free if i ever have to the blades are easy to get to as the way his lead is slung around my neck and arm to keep in contact with him at all times

Now the general work knife, the carry placement of this is on my belt i am right handed for most times i will carry it on my left hand side where i can get to it with my weak side or my strong side job depending in a SHTF moment i can get to it easy with both hands E.G hanging from a rock i’d use my strong hand to hold on and reach my knife for whatever problem with my left .Some times i’ll place it in my back pocket for comfort if sitting down on long trips or i dont need it but want to carry it as a habit thing
the ONLY time i carry my general work knife on my right is if im doing something that would put myself, my daughter,my wife or more importantly my dog at risk from others with a very low IQ or are tired of living this could be walking through a rough area or going somewhere unfriendly .The reason i use my right is im use to drawing a pistol and i can grab my knife in the same way with the blade pointing downward and edge out in a classic fighting stance last thing most people will see will be a quick draw and a slash in a krav manor (counter /counterstrike in the most natural manor for your body )
i also have on my B.O.B my first ever knife i got when i was 13 or 14 in a southern seaside town called Bundoran it is nothing much but i’ve taken it to every posting ,hell hole and shit box ive ever been to when im taking my nephew out in the field I let him use it till i get a youth training knife for him (im slow to get things for him as its an expense thing, his father is a retard and wont take an interest in his development into a young man )

talking briefly to friend about this they like to keep the belt area clear for agility and have a knife in their bergan
any and all thoughts are welcome tell me what you carry or where you carry it